Volunteer for Community Projects

We have diverse projects underway in our community of 50 households, temple, goshala, farms and school. Our greater community includes neighboring farms and aboriginal settlements.  Some projects that need your help:

Vedic Eco Village

There are opportunities for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit.   We are building living infrastructure and expanding farming.  Learn aspects of Vedic culture via hands-on Natural Building, Permaculture Farming, Cow & Ox care   We are landscaping, fencing and planting gardens.  We are milling thinned trees for lumber to build eco village buildings. webpage

    Ahimsa Goshala

    There are opportunities to perform seva for Go Mata  like building barn heaters, installing fencing,  clearing land for pastures,  storing winter hay,  contributing to cow care, cleaning, milking, worshiping, and training.  The cow is a sacred animal and that anything we do for her will  benefit us and our families, both now and in the future.  The ox are being trained on a yoke to pull a cart and farm instruments.  webpage

    Community Garden

    Help needed in spring, summer and fall at the community garden where crops for self-sufficiency are being cultivated.   Crops include: roots: potato, carrots and beet, squash, legumes, Greens,Cabbage, broccoli, Grains, Corn, Zucchini and more  webpage

    ISKCON Saranagati Temple

    Temple holds 5:30am morning programs. webpage

    Ashram in the Woods
    The purpose is to give interested individuals the opportunity to experience the serene living in a Krishna conscious ashram, country style.  Participants would take part in spiritual practice in the mornings and evenings accompanied by different engagements on the farm and in Saranagati. webpage

    Yoga off Grid

    Yoga Off Grid exists to provide you with the opportunity for true well being through spiritual practice and natural living. Inspired by India’s glorious yoga and bhakti culture, our community is dedicated to the path of loving service. We offer Work Exchange Retreats. We have hosted over 40 work exchange guests. webpage


    Neighbour Farms

    Bhumi Farm

    Bhumi Farm is an 'off-the-grid' farm working towards self-sufficiency and sustainability as taught by our guru, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He taught this culture of "simple living and high thinking" as a natural expression of the spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga.  webpage

    Blue Earth Forest Farm

    Blue Earth Forest Farm is an off-grid forest farm.  We use Permaculture and EcoForestry principles and welcome Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) from the local First Nations. We are regenerating and restoring the forest understory, edges and meadows to preserve top-soil integrity, maximize moisture holding capacity, and increase the fungal matrix while growing foods, medicines and building materials. webpage

    Map of community organizations


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