Visualize a New Temple in Saranagati

Close your eyes, pray to your favorite Krishna and visualize in your mind’s eye a new temple in Saranagati.  Keeping in mind some of the following questions describe what you see.  Elaborate on details according to your personal inspiration. 

The roof may not be important to you but maybe the doors are very important.  This building may be practical, and functional, and it may also be beautiful, inspiring and strong enough to last for a thousand years.  What about the area surrounding the temple, what do you see?  Would you like to draw a picture to explain what you see?  Do Vastu or Feng Shui play a roll in the design?

A summary compilation of these visions will be used to come up with a few different drawings of design options for “Temple Hill”. 

After there is a consensus as to which drawing best reflects our collective desire for the future that will then become the basis for the fund raising campaign. 

Happy vision questing.

What shape is it?  Round?  Square?  Pyramid?  Octagonal?  
How big is it?  Number of square feet?  How many people can fit in the temple room? How high is the ceiling?
How many stories?  One floor?  Two floors?  Underground Earthship?
What different kinds of rooms does it have?  Mud room?  Kitchen?  Meeting room?  Dungeon?
What is it made from, how is it constructed?  Bricks? Stones?  Adobe? Stick frame with cedar siding? Timber frame, earth bags, cordwood, logs? What color or colors is it?
What about the roof?  Shakes?  Shingles? Thatched? Slate?  Tiles? Metal?  Flat?  Steep slopes?
Who are the presiding Deities?  RK?  GN?  KB?  LJ?  SR?  All of them?
Access?  Where do you park?  How do you enter?  Broad staircases?
What about heating and lighting?  Woodstove?  Crystal chandelier?
Landscape features- Does it have a deck?  Outdoor fire pit?  Corn maze?  Elephant topiary?
What kind of floors and interior finishing?  Inlaid marble?  Inlaid hardwood?  Linoleum?
What are some design features?  Geothermal heating? Spiral staircases? Solar powered revolving restaurant, Gober gas kitchen?
What kind of structural signature do you see?  Vedic archways?  Gothic spires?  Chakra windmill, Geodesic dome skylight?

Please pray, meditate and share.

Yours in the service of Lord Krishna, Yoginath das

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