Building Community Connections

By: Ramanath on March 2022
This real-time newsletter increases community communications. We welcome input from residents and friends of Saranagati Village.  Submit news or comments using the form below.

Our current focus is food security: more greenhouses, milking cows, crops, berries, herbs, fruit & nut trees.   We need more community cooperation and sharing of resources to insure our future food.

"Produce your own food, grains, not for making money but just for feeding yourself and the animals.  Keep as many cows as possible, and produce, till the ground, field and make water supply arrangements.  The first necessities of life are eating and shelter.  Then you become peaceful, no anxiety for your maintenance and then cultivate this spiritual knowledge in the same way.   Don't be dependent on anyone else, become self-independent and don't be after money.  Simply produce your bare necessities of life."

“First of all cows should be protected. Cows thus protected, will in turn protect the brahmanas. Thus when protection of cows and brahmanas is achieved, then the whole world is protected.”

“Clever means that he must stay in his own land. He should not be cheated by the paper and go to the city.”

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