Fair Voting in SVHI

The 2018 SVHI AGM featured a number of voting issues.  The voting procedures were not clear, in particular proxy votes.  A number of irregularities occurred:

  • One member's vote was not counted although he duly filled a proxy form in time
  • Another members's votes were changed or recorded incorrectly
  • Ballots were not kept at the office of the secretary for at least three months after the meeting.
  • A recount of the vote was requested by 2 members, but this cannot be done since the ballots were destroyed

Proposed changes to voting system: 

  1. Members who cannot attend AGM should vote electronically rather than use the proxy method. (electronic voting was approved at the 2018 AGM)
  2. SVHI bylaws must be finalized and sent to every member
  3. SVHI bylaws are made available online, updated with future changes to bylaws.

Click here for demonstration of voting system (login name is test, password is 108)