A Vision for Our Village

My ideas for Saranagati Village are:

  • Self-sufficiency, utilizing everything the land has to offer for the pleasure and glorification of the Lord.
  • Education, giving/ sharing the authentic Krsna Conscious process given to us by Srila Prabhupada and the Acharyas, with others of all ages.
  • Centralization of worship, temple that is the core of the community. Krsna's home in the community, should be what we do everything for.
  • Caring for devotees, elder care, support system
  • Setting ideal example of varnashram, finding a place for and utilizing all ashrams, and varnas (people's propensities and skills)to make a balanced society. 
  • Mode of conduct/ behavioral guidelines aspired for by all members, using the word Saranagati (surrender) and basing our actions and decisions on the six steps of surrender: Humility, Accepting everything favorable for devotional service, Rejecting everything unfavorable, Accepting/ Having faith in Krsna as sole maintainer, Accepting Krsna as the Protector, and Total dedication of the self to Krsna.
Okay, so these might be lofty, but I think since are vision is what we would like to see in the future we might as well shoot for the stars. Anyway, maybe whoever is interested in helping with a vision, or has other ideas, just email back, and we can find a time/place to discuss further. 

I was doing a little research on vision statements etc. I found a few Iskcon farm ones, but it wasn't as obvious as I had though. Anyway, I copied and paste them and attached it to this email, if anyone wants to look at them. What I gained from it are a few things. Vision statements are most effective short, concise, clear and to the point. Some places it even says no more then 15 to 30 words long. But it should contain the core values of the community. Also a vision statement is what you want to see in the future, and a mission statement is what you are. So I thought it would be good to brainstorm the core values that we have for the community, and then we can attempt to word the vision statement the best and most concise that we can. Afterwards we can "flesh" it out with the details, action plans, sensory description of what that might realistically look like. So I thought I could start the brainstorming process. But I really think something like this is better done in face to face discussion as opposed to email. So maybe we can figure out who is into this discussion then meet together to work it out. 

Found a quote that states exactly how important I feel this is though.

As the saying goes…

Mission without action is a daydream.

Action without mission is a nightmare.

It is important to have a vision statement for each and every project"



At the meeting with Nityananda, he stated that there was more than one part to the vision. There is the short little statement, but the actual vision is at least 2-3 pages.

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