Spiritual Practices, Bhakti Yoga

PrabhupadaThe residents of Saranagati ​relate to God through loving devotional service. They practice bhakti yoga – the yoga of love and devotion.  They utilize their abilities, intelligence, talents in service to the Supreme Lord, and in this way they are able to serve each other and the needs of a ​spiritual community.

The spiritual vision held by the residents is the goal of understanding our relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  When we understand this, we align all our activities to achieving this goal.  The residents understand that their primary identity is as servant of the Supreme Lord.  This encompasses service to all other individuals, both within and outside of the community.

Living With Krishna

Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the centre of all the farm activities.  Every resident understands himself/herself to be a servant of Krishna and offers his/her service at every moment in this spirit.  There are no "chores" on the farm, just simply loving service to each other and Krishna.  Endeavours are an offering to Krishna, the Supreme Lord, for His pleasure.