Snow Plowing

Driveway and road plowing.  Sanding also available.

$75 per hour charged by the minute.  Basically around $15 to $20 each time.

If you are interested in driveway snow removal please contact me right away. I will plow your driveway each snow fall. I can't plow multiple snow falls. So don't call me in February asking me to plow 3' of snow on your driveway.

I normally plow the community roads first and then the driveways. Your snow removal fees will be added to your SVHI account and you will have to settle with SHVI. I will record the dates and times and email you a record at the end of the season. 

You can help by shaking off the snow from snow laden trees that sit too close to the road. If the trees are damaged and in the way of the road a small pruning saw will do the trick. If everyone can make sure that their property frontage is clear of trees that would be great and would save all of us a few bucks. let me know if there are larger trees that need cutting.