Saranagati Ratha-Yatra

Ecstatic Kirtans ● World-class drama, dancing and singing ● Old fashioned farm-style games 

Parade at noon and continuing with Festival down at Festival Site Park 

Sunday kirtan and a special presentation at the Sunday feast at the Lake


Saranagati Ratha-Yatra takes place in front of a beautiful scenic back drop in Venables Valley.

* Help pull Lord Jagannath's cart at the Ratha Yatra parade on Saturday at noon

* Drama, Sumptuous Festival Prasadam, Devotee association, Kirtan & Bhajan and much more.

* Camping is available. Saranagati Village’s famous Jaganatha Rathayatra farm festival is taking place on all weekend. 

* Please join us for a day of kirtan (music and singing; bring your voice and instruments)

* Prasadam (delicious and free vegetarian feast)

* Entertainment (plays, dancing and singing)

* Stay on into the night; enjoy French fries, an evening of music, bonfire and drumming by the lake.

Devotees in Vancouver area can find information about transportation to the valley at the Vancouver Iskcon webpage