Vedic Eco Village update and plans

By: Ramanath on March 2022

Daily activities include growing, harvesting and preparing food, clearing the forest, milling lumber and building infrastructure. We grow seasonal crops, as well as nut & fruit orchards and flower gardens. 

We are clearing the forest and building roads and walkways.  We are landscaping, fencing and planting gardens around the Eco Village Colony. Thinned trees and milled and used to build bath huts and farm structures. We are expanding irrigation, orchard and farming operations. Objectives for 2022:

  • shalla box and fenced area in garden for grazing ox and cows
  • heated facilities for guests
  • walipini greenhouse completion
  • library rocket mass heater and bath completion
  • composter @ main cabin, library and guest area
  • foundation for Go Shala for future cows
  • leveling and landscaping for colony plots
  • engineer plan for 10x10x10 foot cubes (shalla) and pyramid top
  • plots to develop this year are the Kitchen, Patha Shala (Learning Center), Yoga Shala and Yajna Shala.

There is work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit.  Learn how you can help this project manifest


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