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Building Community Connections
The goal of this real-time newsletter is better community communications. We welcome input from residents and friends of Saranagati Village.  Submit news or comments using the form below.

Home Lake co-op is preparing for food security and plans to increase food production.  Our goal ] is to build more greenhouses and to plant more crops, berries, fruit and nut trees.   We will help with community garden management and maintenance.  We will continue building with perimeter and cow grazing fences.

Saranagati Gardeners Newsletter
The Newsletter is a way to share earthy activities in our valley.  During these uncertain times, we must plan toward resilience in food, communication, finance and skills. Part of this is to prepare for whatever changes may come if today’s exploitive society becomes less reliable. But more than that, this is a chance to get closer to the natural way of living that Krishna intended for us, which is actually a wonderfully rich way to live.
We welcome anyone who’s interested to get in touch and participate.  Work-ups are Saturdays morning followed by a potluck lunch.  Though it’s largely about gardening, the topics also include events planning, carpentry, seed-saving, helping others in the community, as well as sharing resources and skills.

Worker Bee Themes

April: Planting wheat, peas and greens.  Plowing fields with ox.  Greenhouse construction in community garden.
March: In field meet-ups begin, mini-greenhouses built, mulch sources from creeks and forest
Vedic Eco Village update and plans

We are expanding farming and composting as well as building eco village infrastructure. This spring we are building an underground greenhouse (walipini).  We are clearing the forest and building roads and walkways.  We are landscaping, fencing and planting gardens around the Eco Village Colony. Thinned trees and milled and used to build bath huts and farm structures. 

Bhakti Raghava Swami will return in July and we are preparing for much growth this summer. An outdoor kitchen will be constructed.  There is work for dedicated builders with a pioneer spirit.  How you can help.

Trust, plant, chant, scavenge, build and grow together. 

See our latest video: Year in Review

Saranagati Temple has published a website to inform and connect with newcomers and community members.

Community Seed Exchange

Swap seeds every spring at our community building event for sharing information about gardening, plant varieties, and farm projects.  Exchanges in March, April and May.

Farm Apprenticeship

Students from Govardhana

South boundary fence is nearing completion.  A metal gate is required on Minnabariet road.  We are preparing to wire the west boundary fence starting from the south-west corner moving north to Mark and Sunni.  Work on west side starts in March.  The west side fence is approx 4km long.

Winter 2021:  Bracing for west fence where new posts where re-pounded, rail

Cows and oxen are at goshala all winter long, waiting for you to visit and feed and brush them.



This is the first time in the history of the western world that grandparents are teaching the children how to

Govardhana Academy is a school dedicated to spiritual education, is a humble attempt at serving our glorious Krsna and Balarama, who have shown to particularly appreciate the simple hearts of children. We hope to invest in the children's love for Them. Our goal is to provide a spiritualized, personalized, professional Krsna conscious education…

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