SARANAGATI VILLAGE HOLDINGS INC, (SVHI) provides a rural community environment which supports and promotes the practice of Krishna Consciousness.

Board of Directors Meeting  February 21st, 2017  

Items on Agenda / Unfinished Business 1-Sponsorship / Guests Email was sent out to shareholders who have guests / tenants and the required documents they need to have… +

Board of Directors Meeting   January 10th, 2017  

Items on the agenda: 1- Sponsorship / Guests A discussion pertaining to guests / renters took place and the need to differentiate between guests and renters (although… +

Minutes of Third Meeting of Board of Directors, 22nd of November, 2016

One director had a question regarding previous minutes, re livestock grazing; president answered that we need to satisfy TNRD by showing that we are selling livestock.… +

SVHI Annual General Meeting, September 24th, 2016

Total Number of Shareholders present in person or by proxy: 27 Kirtan was lead by HG Mahidhara Prabhu 1 a)      Proposal: At the beginning there shall be an Election of… +

SVHI Board meeting of September 24th, 2016

    As this first Board of Directors meeting followed immediately after the AGM, those elected were as follows: Jaisacinandana Fournier Bhava das Lalasamayi dasi… +