Farm Co-op History

Farm Co-op History

This Venables Valley Producers Cooperative was created in 2007 and later re-created as the Home Lake Cooperative to help farmers produce and market quality products. Click here for the Home Lake Cooperative website

For Historical purposes, here are the original incorporation items:

The purpose for the association is to provide infrastructure and support for organic producers and artisans including: seeds, equipment, land, alternative energy, water, soil amendments, education, business planning, management and marketing.

Co-op Vision: Productivity, growth and sustainable, community-economic development.

Co-op Mandate: - Develop a seed bank, irrigation system, nursery - Publish growing plan for crops to be grown in the valley - Support Permaculture and Organic Farming Practices - Implement valley wide compost system - Create an office for business development and marketing of Valley products - Implement alternative energy systems (hydro, solar, wind, methane, etc...)

Co-op values: - Community-based economic development - Fair trade - Supporting healthy community initiatives Priority areas addressed by the Co-op are Food Security, Water, Healthcare, Education, Alternative Energy, Housing, Employment, Rural Economic Development, Sustainable Living, Habitat Restoration

Current Activities - taking stock of current resources: labor, skills, equipment, technology, land, seeds, root cellar, books - co-creating a water pipeline and utility - organizing a valley-wide composting program - acquiring and developing land and buildings for co-op operations - planning spring greenhouse, nursery and cooperative education center

Co-op To do list: - build on online database of current resources: labor, skills, equipment, technology, land, seeds, root cellar, books - organize a valley-wide composting program - design and print co-op shares (membership,investment and prefered) - choose a location for a spring greenhouse, seed bank, nursery, compost education center, R&D farm and business headquarters. - train board and plan for the future - design the Co-op logo - design the $100 Membership Co-op share certificate - publish a brochure and business cards - create an online accounting system for member transactions

Why a Co-op? - resource sharing and pooling - organizing effort to work co-operatively - encouraging productivity, growth and sustainability

Who can participate? Everyone in Venables Valley and the surrounding community is invited to participate in the Co-op. We are seeking new members and directors who would like to invest into the economic development of our region. ]

Membership and Investment: Individuals or organizations can be members and/or investors. Proceeds will be used to set up infrastructure for future growing, processing and marketing of locally made products.