Grazing Management Plan for the Lands of Saranagati Village

The Goal for this Management Plan can be summarized in one phrase: a healthy landscape. 

Healthy plant communities on healthy soils with healthy riparian areas within a healthy watershed will yield the forage productivity, wildlife habitat, water flow and environmental stability (within natural variations) that will make the valley more liveable for all creatures

Objectives for this Management Plan

  • gain control of noxious weed invasion
  • gain control of Crown range cattle drift into the valley
  • implement low impact rotation grazing
  • re-establish the integrity of the watershed components

Key quotes

Background to this Report: much grazing has been occurring on the lands.  The impact has been rather severe.

Rangeland Health and Management Issues: Gaining control of Crown range cattle entrance into the valley can effected only by strategic fencing.

Weed Invasion: If weeds move on to dominate suitable sites, the ecological potential of the native plant communities, with all that means for forage, wildlife and biodiversity, will be largely lost


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