Farming News

Community Seed Exchange

Swap seeds every spring at our community building event for sharing information about gardening, plant varieties, and farm projects.  Exchanges in March, April and May.

Farm Apprenticeship

Students from Govardhana Academy are helping and learning from local farmers about growing, harvesting, ox plowing and transplanting.  This year, students transplanted fruit trees, strawberries and learned about plant care and greenhouse management.

Planting Local Beans

We want to produce our own staple food crops.  Govardhan Academy school lunch program ingredients come from 6-14,000 km away to get to the mouths of our children.

This coming growing season we will grow beans and other food crops.  One row of beans can produce about 50lbs of beans.  This is a good amount of staple food for a family.  Some of the work to be done:

  • Preparing the beds
  • Planting the beans
  • Hoop hoeing the beds when weeds are small
  • Making sure they have sufficient water
  • Harvesting the beans
  • Shelling beans
  • Serving food and drink to the farmers
  • Sharing kirtan with the farmers and beans

Many hands make light work as is so often proven in this great valley.  This is an open project meaning its open to all and is open to input, change and suggestion.

Community Supported Agriculture

The co-op continues a successful CSA and home delivery. The CSA encourages food production, consumption and security in our community.  Learn more about our home delivery service

Home Lake Cooperative

We are building infrastructure for our farmers and marketing channels for our producers. Our current activities include:  Seed bank, tree and plant nursery; Berry, nut and fruit orchards;Training ox to plow fields; Irrigation systems; Permaculture education and development; Acquiring farming tools and equipment; Community seed bank and cold storage.  Cooperative website

Rights of passage for our children

Rights of passage is an events where the children and parents spend some meaningful and sweet time together.  Meeting themes include recreation, play and fun around the solstices, sweat ceremony, hike, swim and more.   Last year's meeting was a beautiful warm day of harvesting beans. We harvested a full row of beans (about 250') in about an hour with everyone's help.  Brihat made a pot of delicious beans (harvested the day before from the row) and rice. The beans were truly tasty and i can tell that most of the beans i am used to eating are old, dry, canned or dated into a lower level of quality.